Legacy of Love

Per Stirpes – Per Capita 

Understanding these two legal terms can prevent ill will among your beloved and prevent the chain of family love and loyalty from breaking over the distribution of your estate after you’re gone.
You might have hired someone and believe you’re okay. As a trusted advisor to seniors, I always advise my clients to not take my word for everything and do their own research. It only takes a bit of time. Their security is critical to them in the years ahead.

Take a few minutes to read about these two legal terms.
You worked hard for years and have assets to leave but as you know by now, love and those you have around you are what really matters.
Do the family a favor, for those who don’t yet know what truly matters and take a few minutes to make sure you’ve set up the distribution of your estate properly. Prevent the possibility of there being any confusion or something to fight amongst once you’re gone.
Leave a legacy of love.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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