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Legacy of Love

Per Stirpes – Per Capita  Understanding these two legal terms can prevent ill will among your beloved and prevent the chain of family love and loyalty from breaking over the distribution of your estate after you’re gone. You might have hired someone and believe you’re okay. As a trusted advisor to seniors, I always advise […]

Meet Gloria

She wanted security now and for the future Here we are at the local Farmer’s Market. She was independent for her whole life, until she was not any longer. All her years of focusing on paying off her mortgage, so she could be comfortable at this age, did not happened as she planned. When we […]

Meet Shirley

Her need, a safe “Grandma’s Taxi” Shirley, had the same hesitation and fear as you. When she was referred to me she was doing quite well on most accounts. It was her car that had issues. Her old faithful 1999 Toyota was on its last leg. The engine kept overheating. After being broken down on […]