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I’m sending this note of thanks to let you know that I’m so glad you stayed in touch. I appreciate all of your advice and patience with me. Thank you for coming over as often as you did when I needed a better understanding of things.

The decision to get a reverse mortgage was the best one for me. I do have one regret, waiting too long to get one.

I hope we can stay in touch. Let’s have lunch soon.

Mary Johnson

Hi Tina,

I hope this little note serves to let others know they’d be in good hands with you too.

As hesitant as I was at first, it wasn’t long after Tina explained how one could benefit me, I was so eager to get qualified and start enjoying life again.   I didn’t think I would qualify and I don’t know exactly how I did but I know she went above and beyond and I’m here happy to write this recommendation. She’s very helpful and thorough. I always felt I was in good hands.

Reina Lewis

Tina Soriano was my Broker for me to obtain a Reverse Mortgage.

She was extremely helpful and always available whenever I had any questions or problems. Also, one of the things I appreciated most, she was so very accommodating. She always came to my home whenever there were papers to be signed. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Shirley Conant

Tina Soriano had her hands full with us as clients.

We decided to use her and her company out of 2 other people who had been calling us.  This is not to say there was anything wrong with the other loan people but we felt more comfortable with Tina.  Our concerns were important to her.

Her knowledge of other areas of concern helped us to better prepare for what the future might bring.

We got exactly what we wanted and needed and were kept informed every step of the way.

It was a really good experience.

Rolf and Delia Kaufman


I bet my situation wasn’t your usual, ha ha!

My concerns were quite troubling. I know this was the best solution and now I’m so happy and relieved.

Please come and visit me. You have to see my new convertible.

I always wanted one!  By the way, thank you for making it happen so quickly!

Your friend,

Cruz Aldalco

Dear Tina,

I’m so excited to be planning for renovations and freshening up my home after so many years. Before this loan I was always worried how I was going to buy food because the utilities came first. Now, I have no more worries.  They’ve been replaced with relief and joy.

You’re my guardian Angel.

RosaLee Villarreal

Tina Soriano goes above and beyond.

I’m writing this review because when our appraised value came in lower than expected, it almost ruled out getting the loan. If, Tina hadn’t contributed her earnings, we wouldn’t have gotten the loan.

I don’t know if other lending institutions would have done that. In our case, we were grateful that she was the person in charge, willing to work for way less than she deserves.

We have only good things to say about her service and care throughout.

Eddie & Lila Boch

Tina’s got a big heart!

Before I met Tina, I’d been struggling with the idea of a Reverse Mortgage. My main concern was for my granddaughter who has down syndrome.  I was fearful a Reverse Mortgage wouldn’t allow her to remain in my home after I’d passed.

But, I’d loss my financial independence. My retirement and social security weren’t covering the bare necessities any longer with my unexpected dental and medical costs. I found myself having to ask my daughter if I could put a bag of Cheetos in the shopping cart.

I’d bought and almost paid off my home, on my own!

After Tina explained to me and my daughter how a Reverse Mortgage works and what we should do to ensure as best we could that she’s able to remain in the home, it was an easy decision. My only concern going forward was making sure I qualified because, finally I was feeling relief! My daughter and I had a plan.

I’m happy to say I qualified and it was much easier than I expected. If you’re considering a Reverse Mortgage, you’re in good hands with Tina.

Gloria Carrillo

Dear Tina,

my wife and I want to(Thank you) for the great job you did in getting us the Reverse Mortgage. You explained in a very professional way all the questions that we asked. Being in the Real Estate industry for 30+ years, I can recognize true professionalism and care.

We will gladly refer you to any potential clients you have in the future.  Please give them our number if they would like to speak with us.

Esau and Gloria

Dear Tina,

Dave and I can’t thank you enough for walking us through our Reverse Mortgage.  You made something that is scary and unknown so easy to understand.  You were so patient with all of our questions and requests.  You are truly very knowledgeable in the field of Reverse Mortgages.

We will highly recommend you to our “aging” family and friends.  I see nothing but bright stars in your future.  You are one very talented, smart, compassionate woman.  We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!


Judy & Dave Bradt

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